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Why Faith; Not Fear Will Help You Become A Great Leader

After leaving his job as a vice president at D.E. Shaw & Co, a Wall Street-based investment banking firm to start a company no one ever heard of, everyone told him he was crazy. Many felt Bezos made the biggest mistake of his life, but Bezos was unfulfilled at that job, and you cannot lead people if you are not inspired; you may be able to manage them, but you cannot influence them. 

However, he found the inspiration within to ignore the naysayers and follow his heart to start Amazon. It was difficult at the beginning, just like any other startup, but he believed his company will one day make it big, his faith was so high he was willing to bet against popular opinion to pursue something he loved. Bezos followed his heart, found his love, and went for it, and now Amazon is the most valuable company in the world. 

When Chris Gardner decided to become a stockbroker with his 2-year-old baby with no place to live, he followed that feeling in his heart. Chris went for it despite all the hardship; sleeping in shelters and in the MacArthur station toilet floor with his baby to pursue this dream to become a stockbroker. His faith was much more significant than his fears, and he persevered to become a multi-millionaire because he chooses to live by faith as opposed to the fears in his mind. 

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