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Our Silent Battles

At work, we often take things at face value and fail to see the hardships someone might be going through. Sometimes a person doesn't fight a battle with the strength of biceps. Instead, they must turn inward to find their mental and emotional power. We are surrounded by people who are silently battling daily but show up every day at work with a smile.

It's so important to create a great and safe work environment that allows people to reach out for help. Someone may be fighting an addiction, or someone may have a sick child at home or maybe a single parent fighting every day to hold their home together. We don't know, and we may never know which is why you should always show respect and kindness to everyone.

There are amazing and strong people that we stand next to every day that's fighting a silent battle we know nothing about.

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1 comentario

Adam Godsey
Adam Godsey
23 dic 2020

But what if you are losing because no one will help you? When you are depressed, the worst thing you can ever do is tell someone. They will just leave you. No one will ever care about you again. Which obviously does not help my depression.

Me gusta
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