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Develop Leaders Throughout Your Organisation

This email was sent to Ray Dalio, the billionaire founder of the hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, after a meeting with a significant potential client:

Ray — you deserve a "D‑" for your performance today . . . you rambled for 50 minutes . . . It was obvious to all of us that you did not prepare at all because there is no way you could have and been that disorganized at the outset if you had prepared. We told you this prospect has been identified as a "must-win". . . today was really bad . . . we can't let this happen again.

Rather than being offended, Dalio says the email exemplified the idea that he wanted his employees to speak up. Bridgewater Associates has a trademark policy of radical transparency. Many managers believe anyone with a difference of opinion is somehow against them or trying to be complicated. But it's not about you; it's about your people and building a culture that allows your people to their very best at work.

When you do that, you have now created a culture of leadership in your organization, and your people are now inspired to bring their very best at work.

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