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Why 50% of New Managers Are Not Ready To Lead.

One year ago I spoke to a Human Resources manager who indicated that his company developed and implemented a leadership development programme for all their engineers because they had severe problems leading their teams. For example, the engineers had problems with communication, building trust, motivation, etc. He said although the engineers were fully qualified and competent in the technical aspect of their job, they had loads of problems with their leadership skills, and there were several complaints from their team as it relates to their people skills.

This got me thinking, how in heaven's name did these people become responsible for managing and leading people in the first place. In many companies, as someone indicated to me, people are promoted based on their performance, but nothing is done to evaluate whether that person has any leadership capabilities necessary to lead people. Some people have no people skills, they cannot get along with people, they cannot speak to people, and they believe nothing can happen without them yet, they are “in charge” and promoted as the leader of the organization.

If someone has no people skills how do they expect to get anything done? They cannot do everything by themselves, but you know what they usually revert to their adage of fear and intimation. From my previous article The Leadership Challenge. Why 70% of Managers Fail To Become Leaders, I read many, many comments from people who express their displeasure for their managers and their behavior toward them.

95% of the comments were astonishingly similar for example; one person indicated that they worked at a company where the Office Manager was very condescending and verbally abusive. The person further stated that they love their job but refuse to take the abuse from the manager. All of the comments in one form or the other alluded to the same thing, no respect from their manager.