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What's The True Character Of Your Leadership

The true state of your leadership character always surfaces during a crisis.

In leadership, you can only fake for so long because a crisis always shows the real characteristics of a leader. Authentic leadership always begins with the inner person, according to John Maxwell. The character of a leader will filter into the entire organization and its employees. Great character will create the potential for a great organization, but it all begins with the leader’s heart.

There are many so-called leaders whose only concern is their self-preservation at the expense of their team during any challenging time. But, unfortunately, you can only fake for so long, and a crisis will always reveal too many people the real character of any leader.

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Karen Walker
Karen Walker
Mar 15, 2022

I'm wondering your thoughts on the idea that in environments that regularly experience crises (I'm thinking specifically of emergency services like law enforcement, fire, and EMS, but am curious if this might also apply in the military and other paramilitary organizations), that the opposite might also be true. What I've noticed is that sometimes leaders who thrive in those environments don't always shine in the mundane. As a leader who is trained to act in crisis, I find that my best leadership self actually shows up in the other times - when I am able to spend the time I need to take care of my people and to focus on things that deeply matter on an every-day level. Love…


I believe in ture love ,true friendship ,ture family and I catch it believe in happiness,peaceful,everyone in this world can live and stay safe, comfortable, take care each other,no war , do you know why because I was born from the real natural (the natural of human can have every feeling depending on situations), real character. And I don’t understand why need to follow and create crisis from leader . I’m so lucky was born as freedom with nature that why . And I know everyone want to be freedom and live as a nature. Should try to Do not create crisis it’s better? And we are not tired anymore And let’s the freedom of natural of human create crisi…

Replying to

I believe every human are uniqueness, individuality ,special as their own character can’t control them to act like the same characters. Hope you guys understand of my meaning. #freedomwithnatural #crisiscreatbythenature #happinesstogether

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