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To Be A Successful Leader

No one can be a great leader unless they genuinely care about everyone on your team. I can’t stress this enough because no leader can achieve any form of success without their team; when you show your team that you GENUINELY care about them professionally and personally, people will be more open to you as a person and as their leader.

So how can you build a relationship with your team?

According to Susan Heathfield, start with some common courtesy. For example, saying good morning, thank you. Asking people how their weekend turned out. Whether Rebecca won her soccer match. If John is feeling better. How are you dealing with the pandemic? How’re the kids? Practicing simple courtesy will help you build a strong relationship with your team; some leaders take these things for granted but believe me; your employees will feel truly valued and will go over and beyond the call of duty to help their leader and, by extension, their organization achieves its goals and purpose.

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