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Sometimes When Things Are Falling Apart, They May Actually Be Falling Into Place

A couple of years ago according to James, I lost my job. That experience almost broke me but I immediately tried to get another job, but in all the job interviews that I’ve had, I would always land at the top two and not get it in the end.

Often, when things in our life seem to go wrong, we feel as if it’s the end of the world because we can’t see further than what’s right in front of us. It is only when we look back after we’ve survived the storm that we realize that those “broken” parts are actually pieces that make up the beautiful picture that is our destiny.

Sometimes, for everything to come together, things need to fall apart first. Not getting what we want can be a huge step toward reaching a bigger dream, according to Rachel Brathen. We are never rejected. There are no mistakes. No could haves. No should-haves. Everything that happens comes along because it simply needs to happen. You are a reflection of greatness; don’t lose sight of that! There have been countless challenges that you thought were bigger than you, but you’re still here. Every job you were denied for opened the door to new opportunities. 

Every relationship that hurt you led you to your true love. Every mistake you thought would be the end pointed you towards an incredible success. In fact, according to Paul Hudson, you hear it all the time – people hitting rock bottom before they bounce back up and soar. You have to make room for the new by ridding yourself of the old. Unfortunately, when things really do fall apart for a person, they tend to do so in a rather devastating way. Staying positive when your world is crumbling around you is no easy task. Yet, in the end, you will see that every negative thing that happened is pushing you towards the next phase of growth in your life. 

As JK Rollings puts it, rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life. It is often a sign to turn your life around or go in a different direction, and in hindsight, you only become aware when the storm has passed. On your life journey, you will experience setbacks, failures, and rejection; How you react to these experiences, however, will determine if you grow from it or sulk in self-pity.

Obstacles and rejections are merely stepping stones to something great, but you must change your attitude and not take rejection personally. Redirect your rejection and use it for something good; at the time, will it be easy, hell no, but in the end, it will be worth it. 

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