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Let Your Personality Choose Your Career

Most people accidentally “fall” into a career they dislike, and often due to their financial situations, feel stuck in a rut. Interestingly, a recent survey found that over 80% of workers are disengaged from their careers. The average person spends a third of their life in work. To spend that amount of time in a job you do not like can be very disheartening. Do you love or hate your job? Do you spend the majority of your week doing something you don’t enjoy? Do you want to find something that gives you a buzz?

Everyone has something unique, and the knowledge of your personality can be a great help towards finding a career that gives you purpose.

Let Your Personality Choose Your Career.

Enjoyment in work and by extension, life depends on how well your career matches your unique personality. Research shows that most traditional jobs are not always the most enjoyable. You should find your best fit, and it starts with knowing the true you. The Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI) and the John L Holland Theory of Careers have been a great source of information one can use to find your fit.

Do you ever have that feeling like something is not right but cannot put your hand on it? Chances are that your personality is not the right