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A Leader Is Nothing Without Their Team

John Robert Wooden is considered the most outstanding NCAA basketball head coach of all time. In his more than 40 years as a coach, Wooden built teams, an elite athletic program, and a legacy that astounded the sports world. Wooden’s teachings extend far beyond the realm of sports, and he was adamant that you had to have great talent to win but also stress that a great team starts with a leader who gives away the credit when things go well and accept the blame when they don’t.

Leaders Are Only As Successful As Their Team

It takes outstanding leadership to build great teams, and winning teams are developed under leaders who can flex and bend their own personalities around each team member’s needs. According to Glenn Llopis, team building is both an art and a science, and the leader who can consistently build high-performance teams is worth their weight in gold. When you manage each team member individually, you maximize their strengths and learn how to fill in for their weaker areas. This is what real support is all about. Supported teams are successful teams. Leaders are only as successful as their teams, and the great ones know that with the right team dynamics, decisions, and diverse personalities, everyone wins.

A Leader’s Role Is Greatly Diminished Without Their Team

A “team” is not just people who work at the same time in the same place. A real team is a group of very different individuals who enjoy working together and who share a commitment to working cohesively to help the organization achieve its common goals and fulfill its purpose. They are most likely not all equal in experience, talent, or education, but they are similar in one vitally important way, their commitment to the good of the organization. A leader’s role is greatly diminished without their team, and any group of people your family, your workplace, or your community will get the best results by working as a team. 

Empower Your Team

One of the most distinctive traits of great leaders is their ability to inspire, motivate, challenge, and support their people to succeed and grow. When a leader can inspire and empower their employees to become the very best version of themselves, by challenging their assumptions of what they can accomplish, a leader can now empower their team to believe in the impossible.

When you trust your team and give them more responsibility, it can benefit both the people and the business and, at the same time, create a great workplace culture that allows everyone to contribute towards the attainment of the organization’s purpose while at the same time helping everyone become the very best version of themselves.

About The Author

Inspiration creates the highest engagement levels, it is what separates the best leaders from everyone else, and it is what employees want most in their leaders. The Inspirational Leader, Inspire Your Team To Believe In The Impossible, was written to help all leaders successfully navigate all the disruptions in today's fiercely competitive world. We need a new generation of leaders who care deeply for their team's well-being and who understand that their people are the heart of their leadership. 

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