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When Your Team Becomes Quiet

According to Tim McClure, when passionate employees become quiet, it usually sends a signal that the work environment has become very dysfunctional. As a result, suspicion and insecurity clouds the culture, and employees retreat into self-protection behavior patterns to protect themselves from the forces within the company.

According to Jonathan Mills, the growing unease disables focus, breaks trust in leadership, and a wave of negative energy ripples through the entire organization with the same force that their previous positive energy induced.

When your most passionate employees become quiet, it’s a signal that something is out of alignment, and as the leader, this is something you must observe and act on immediately. People don’t lose their motivation and inspiration overnight; it’s always a combination of small and big things that creeps into the organization slowly and consistently over time.

When you have a team passionate, inspired, and motivated to help the company achieve its vision while fulfilling its purpose, you must do everything in your power to ensure that this team keeps this vibe. Otherwise, you run the risk of pushing away great talent while settling for mediocrity.

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Great question that worths great answer


Great insights Gifford. What then would be the best strategy(ies) to re-ignite the passion?

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