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When Mistakes Are Made...

When mistakes are made, many people shift from doing the right thing to covering their behinds and pointing fingers rather than accepting personal responsibility. As a result, they hide errors rather than fix them and allow small problems to become big ones because they’re inadequately addressed.

The result is that learning is brought to a complete standstill, making it more than likely to repeat the same mistake. But it shouldn’t be that way. The time has come to view every mistake as an opportunity rather than a weakness. This change in outlook will stimulate personal growth, strengthen relationships, and enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

The truth is that there shouldn’t be shame in making a mistake. How will you learn? How will you grow if you are so afraid to try something new? Chances are it may not work out, but that’s life; there’s no disgrace in that; the disgrace should be in failing to admit, correct, and learn from it. According to Albert Einstein, a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

Credits: Frank Sonnenberg

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