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When Employees Feel Undervalued and unappreciated

Feeling undervalued and unappreciated is a primary reason employees quit.

According to Andrew Greenwood, Director of Sales & Service at Workstars, a poll conducted by Gallup in the U.S. of over one million workers found that leaving a bad manager was the number one reason why workers quit, with 75% of those who left voluntarily doing so because of their “boss” and not the job itself.

Their relationship with their direct line manager is critical to employee success, including productivity, morale, and engagement. But a breakdown of that relationship, for whatever reason, can lead to mistrust, anxiety and job dissatisfaction. CareerAddict interviewed 1,000 employees, and the results were not that surprising. 79% of the interviewees indicated that bad leadership was the main factor in quitting their jobs. Conversely, four in ten went so far as to say they would return to their old job if their former boss were replaced.

So, next time you get a resignation, according to Greg Savage, resist the temptation to laugh it off as “another dumbo who doesn’t get us.” It’s not the departing employee who doesn’t “get it.” It’s not the company they are leaving; it’s the leadership.

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