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Vision, One Of The Greatness Gift Given By God

I am always left dumbfounded when I read about people with the ability to see what no one else is seeing; it gives me goosebumps every time because they see what isn’t yet there and create what does not yet exist. But most importantly, they feel it in their heart and boldly go after it until their vision comes to fruition.

According to the late great Dr. Myles Munroe, the greatest gift God ever gave us is not the gift of sight but the gift of vision. Sight is a function of your eyes, but vision is a function of your heart. Your heart, you feel it inside, and you used that passion and obsession to communicate that vision so vividly, your team can actually see and feel it.

When this takes place, your team is willing to invest more effort in their tasks, they are encouraged and optimistic about the future, and they believe that their work is the fulfillment of a higher purpose.

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janet hatfield
janet hatfield
May 08, 2021

A leader needs to be true from the heart and stomach, when these are inplace then people at work can be motivated and trust is driven forward, its part of team spirit. If you have any doubts then so.ething is not right as toxic people can destroy a team ,bringing confusion in ....leading to mistrust and abuse this equates to devaluing individuals....not good for team building with trust


Sometimes one feels overwhelmed, not knowing where or who to turn to . Thank you for your motivations

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