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True Humility...

To think less of yourself is to lower your opinion of yourself, and no one should put themselves down in an attempt to appear humble. You do not need to downplay your achievements or be unwilling to accept praise to be a humble person. Being humble doesn’t mean playing down your strong attributes and not taking credit for the good things you have done. Humility is the ability to realize that it isn’t always about you. To think of yourself less is to think of yourself less often.

There are times for taking credit and being proud, but there are times to praise others and downplay your own importance. When you are leading your team, one must remember it’s not about you; it’s all about the people on your team; accepting the blame when things go wrong and giving away all the credit when things go right. That’s the price of leadership, and that’s a leader who understands what true humility really means.

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