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Toxic Work Cultures

Have you ever worked or are currently working for an organization where people are afraid to ask questions, give feedback, or voice concerns about the company? These are signs that the company culture is subtly toxic or is becoming toxic.

I can remember attending a meeting and expressing some concerns about the company. When the meeting was over, then came the conference after the meeting, where several people huddled to talk about what they really thought. The company had some serious problems, but everyone feared speaking up. These are clear signs that something is drastically wrong with the company’s culture.

According to Scott Mautz, anyone can spot the visible signs of a toxic workplace; appreciation is absent, accountability is elusive at best, or there’s a raving lunatic of a boss. Leaders need to spot toxic undertones of a workplace and address them. Likewise, employees must identify a corrosive environment to avoid or leave it or know how to contribute to solutions to fix it.

No one should dread going to work; you should be doing something you love, and your work environment should help you become the best version of yourself. But it must start with the leadership first, setting that tone and leading by example to create a footprint for everyone to follow.

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