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Toxic Employees

Toxic employees are a poison that threatens to contaminate the workplace environment. They spread dissent and discontent among co-workers, lowering employee morale and productivity. Whether manipulators, gossips, whiners, backstabbers, or perceived “victims,” these individuals can wreak havoc on any organization. Many companies have toxic employees but fail to deal with them.

If you are a victim of a toxic environment and you are tormented by toxic people, the most important thing to do is this; don’t lower your level, stay above them, keep your mind and emotions in check. If this type of behavior is tolerated at your organization, don’t hesitate to vacate that space. Never react to toxic people and never settle for any toxic environment. The world is overflowing with opportunities take advantage of all.

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This is incredibly true not only as an employee but as a person dealing with other persons in your personal life.

Replying to

There’s a great book on this subject called Just Work by Kim Scott who also wrote Radical Candor. Like her and many women, as a child who were taught “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it,” speaking up for ourselves is foreign leading to physical dis-ease. Curious to hear others perspectives. In my experience, speaking up for others who are mistreated is so much easier than speaking up for ourselves.

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