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The Role Of A Creative Leader

When employees feel valued, they will contribute more and perform better at work. They tend to be more engaged, passionate, and incredibly loyal.

How can you make your employees feel valued? Here are a few simple examples, according to Bridget Miller:

1. Recognition. Provide employees with the recognition they deserve.

2. Say “thank you”—simple but effective and often overlooked.

3. Solicit their opinion and utilize it as often as possible.

4. Invest in their continued development.

There are many more strategies anyone can use to show their appreciation genuinely; these are only a few. A study by Jackson Organisation revealed that organizations that effectively appreciate their employees enjoy a much higher return than firms that don’t.

Building a great team requires a leader who can inspire their team to believe that anything is possible. As a leader, you must take care of your people because it often reflects the service they provide to their customers.

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This is interesting and well presented.

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