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The Negative Side Of Inspirational Leadership

The negative side of inspirational leadership.

Inspirational leadership can be a sharp double-edged sword, with a potential immoral and unethical dimension that could be exploited by an unscrupulous leader and inflicted on naive and unsuspecting followers, according to Air Force Colonel Mark Homrig.

Who could forget Jim Jones of the People's Temple? very charismatic and expressed a lofty vision that eventually led to the murder-suicide of over 800 followers in 1978, according to the PBS documentary, "Jonestown -- The Life and Death of People's Temple." Hitler, who appealed to the values of the German people, was very charismatic, offered a transcendent vision, and frequently encouraged his followers to follow his dream of a great Germany. However, his goal led to ruin rather than the betterment of his followers and country.

On the surface, many of these leaders appear to be interested in their team's success and are sincerely dedicated to helping them reach their fullest potential in all their endeavors. In many ways, they appear to captivate and embody the characteristics of a true and inspirational leader, but their true qualities slowly emerge over time.

Inspirational leaders can capture people's attention effortlessly, and influence the lives of many people. It is an effective way to elicit change, but the leader's intentions is the problem, resulting in the negative side of inspirational leadership.

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