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The Leadership Challenge. Why 70% Of Managers Fail To Become Leaders.

One week ago, I read a post from Charlene Pedro about a CEO who was very nasty and disrespectful to one of his managers. The guy shouted so loudly, everyone down the corridor knew that he didn’t like the size of the font. The manager walked out of the CEO’s office and returned with a handwritten resignation letter dated “effective immediately.” Can you blame him! How in God’s green earth do you expect anyone to function in that type of environment, and I am 100% sure this manager is not the first employee to face that type of abuse from that CEO. This story really stuck with me, and I can understand why 70% of managers fail to become leaders; they fondly call themselves leaders, but their actions and behavior say something different.

The Difference Between Managing and Leading

Harvard Business School scholar John Kotter has argued that there are three fundamentals processes for effective leadership that many managers have failed to grasp.

  • Establishing a compelling direction, a vision for the future, and the strategies for how to get there.