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The Incomplete Leader

A newly minted CEO held a meeting with his executive team to talk about the company's growth. One of the CEO’s direct reports recommended how the company can grow its market share. The CEO, listening very attentively, was clueless about his manager’s suggestion; he wondered, “should I ask a question, but if I do ask, that will reveal my lack of knowledge, and I may appear incompetent.”

In today's world, the executive's job is no longer to command and control but to cultivate and coordinate others' actions at all organizational levels. Only when leaders come to see themselves as incomplete, having both strengths and weaknesses, will they be able to make up for their missing skills by relying on others.

Most CEOs believe that “not knowing” will somehow send their staff a signal that the leader is somehow inept. Leaders cannot be all things to all people; that’s why leaders build great teams with the expertise to help the organization fulfill its purpose.

Remember, leadership is not about you; it’s all people, inspiring, developing, and genuinely caring for people to become the very best version of themselves.

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1 Comment

Darren A. Smith
Darren A. Smith
Mar 24, 2021

'A leader grows other leaders' feels appropriate here, too.

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