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“I absolutely gain a lot of insight on how to be a better person and leader from reading this book. It was a great read.

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The CEO Who Writes 12,000 Handwritten Birthday Cards for His Employees.

The CEO Who Writes 12,000 Handwritten Birthday Cards for His Employees. It's a tradition that started back in 1985 when Belfor Holdings CEO Sheldon Yellen had a 19-person staff. The company grew to over 9,200 staff members in 34 countries, and Yellen kept writing his birthday cards for his employees. Currently, his team has expanded to more than 12,000 because of a recent acquisition, and you guess it, Yellen continues to write birthday cards for his now 12,000 employees. When asked why do it, why write all these birthday cards when your assistant or someone in the company can quickly produce these cards for you. Yellen Responded "Maintaining that handwritten note as a practice, as a habit, I think is important because it really differentiates you from these e-mails and texts that go on; it lets people know and understand that they matter, I get to drop a little note in each birthday wish, and they feel remembered and valued." "One of the cheapest things you can do in life, to make a difference, is just being nice." "That's what we should all be striving to do every day because random acts of kindness are invaluable to the people we serve every day.

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