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The 6 Traits Of An Inspirational Leader

Have you ever had the honor and privilege to work with truly inspirational leaders?

If you have, you know they all have similar characteristics that always seek to inspire and motivate people to become the best version of themselves. According to Kathy Lockwood, think about the leaders you have worked for:

-Did they inspire you? -Were you willing to go that extra mile to get work done for them? -If they moved on to another role, did you want to follow them? -Were you given opportunities to grow due to their trust in you?

As you think of the answers to these questions, think about your own leadership style. Do you inspire your direct reports or your peers to do their best work?

Becoming a great leader requires work; it's not an overnight thing. You will have some very challenging days, and sometimes, you may even have doubts about your ability to lead. Don't be too hard on yourself; it's a natural part of the process. Never lose hope, hold onto your faith and continue your leadership development because every incremental improvement brings you one step closer to becoming truly an inspirational leader.

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