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The 4 Unexpected Qualities Inspirational Leaders Share

If you want to silence a room of executives, according to Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones, try this small trick. Ask them, “Why would anyone want to be led by you?”

Have you ever ask yourself that question, or do you believe your position on the org chart gives you the right to be followed? Great leaders have a unique gift to pull people to them, not because of their title or the amount of money they have but primarily because of their passion, vision, values, and their dreams.

It interesting, the focus of Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones’s research is not about results per se but on leaders who excel at inspiring people—in capturing hearts, minds, and souls. Some people believe that this ability is not everything in business, but any experienced leader will tell you it is worth quite a lot. Indeed, excellent results may be impossible without some form of inspiration in yourselves as the leader and in your people. As a result, here are the 4 unexpected qualities inspirational leaders share, as outlined by Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones.

They Reveal their Weaknesses

By exposing some vulnerability, they reveal their approachability and humanity. When leaders reveal their weaknesses, they show us who they are; this may mean admitting that they’re irritable on Monday mornings, that they are somewhat disorganized, or even rather shy. Such admissions work because people need to see leaders own up to some flaw before they participate willingly in an endeavor. Exposing a weakness establishes trust and thus helps get folks on board. Indeed, if executives try to communicate that they’re perfect at everything, there will be no need for anyone to help them with anything. They won’t need followers. They’ll signal that they can do it all themselves.

They rely heavily on intuition to gauge the appropriate timing and course of their actions.

Their ability to collect and interpret soft data helps them to know when and how to act. Inspirational leaders rely heavily on their instincts to know when to reveal a weakness or a difference. We call them good situation sensors, and by that, we mean that they can collect and interpret soft data. They can sniff out the signals in the environment and sense what’s going on without having anything spelled out for them.

They manage employees with something we call tough empathy.

Inspirational leaders practice tough empathy and empathize fiercely with their people they lead. They also care intensely about the work their employees do and always challenge their people to be great.

They reveal their differences.

Inspirational leaders distinguish themselves through qualities like imagination, loyalty, expertise, or even a handshake. Most people, however, are hesitant to communicate what’s unique about themselves, and it can take years for them to be fully aware of what sets them apart. This is a serious disadvantage in a world where networking is so critical and where teams need to be formed overnight.

These four leadership qualities are a necessary first step. Taken together, they tell leaders to be authentic, inspirational, and to always strive to bring out the best in themselves and their people.


The Inspirational Leader

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