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The 4 Traits Of A Bad Leader

Do you work in a toxic environment under bad leadership? If you do, and you choose to keep your job, there comes a time when you need to hold up the mirror and decide if it’s worth it according to Marcel Schwantes.

Sometime I will walk into an office and immediately pick up on the vibe of the room. It's that sixth sense that sends a signal that something is not right with this place and 9 out of 10 times, the work environment is toxic to the core. Its the simple things: people are not smiling, people are not talking, the room feels stiff with fright, and the person responsible for leading the company is quite comfortable with this kind of environment for their people.

It’s important to remember; just because someone holds a position of leadership that does not make that individual a leader; as a result, here are 4 traits of poor leadership you can look for according to Nicky LaMarco.

The Leader is a Bully

This is the most obvious sign of a bad leader. A bad leader may bully and intimidate employees, threatening them with termination if they do not do the work to the leader’s satisfaction. Bad leaders will often scold their employees for their mistakes in public and even criticize them for aspects of their personality or appearance, rather than the work that they are doing. The negative environment can cause extreme stress in employees and lead to negative psychological issues.