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That's Maturity

Age brings wisdom and the understanding that you mature enough to walk away from people and situations that threaten your peace of mind, self-respect, values, and self-worth without blinking an eye.

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Very wise and true. But it’s somewhat more complicated to regain that stoïc inner sense we probably experienced when we where too small to remember. Fearless and ignorant.

It’s the subconcious that loses those qualities and learns to deal without….and causes problems that are typical to the human race. When we grow we slowly move into Freuds ‘superego’. The perfectly conditioned cytizen.. That creates stress and tension. It’s therefore not a quick fix. Walk away and isolate yourself for quit a while.

Months if neccessary. Young people in most cases refuse going to rehab facilities that also take away social media. That is a sign of correlation between the both I think. 🙏🙏💯

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