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Respect Is Something You Earned, It's Never Given

Some time ago, I read a story about a manager shouting at one of his service staff horribly in full view of everyone (customers and staff) just because the guy was late to report to him. Then, trying to plead his case to justify why he was late, the manager continued his verbal abuse to the astonishment of many people.

Too many people feel that having a position of leadership and authority is their God-given right. They feel superior to those in their employ or at so-called lower levels in the organization. I have often seen a certain level of arrogance and entitlement exhibited by people in leadership positions that seek to tear people down instead of lift people up.

Leaders treat everyone with dignity and respect. They don't strike you down with belittling comments and never place you in an embarrassing or demeaning position in front of others, whether colleagues or clients. Instead, they show a genuine interest in and concern for others.

How you treat people said a lot about you, and always remember respect is something you earned, it is never given irrespective of your title.

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