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Positive Leadership

Successful companies understand that culture is crucial to their success. They recognize that when problems develop, changes are sometimes necessary to eliminate the toxic behaviors dragging down the company.

Great leadership is essential to any organizational success. In some cases, leadership itself may need to make changes of its own, especially if much of the problem can be traced to toxic leadership.

You cannot stamp out toxicity in your company if the leadership is toxic; leaders must demonstrate their unwavering commitment and willingness to eliminate all traces of toxic behavior in their leadership because this will set the example for everyone to follow.

The only strong antidote to a toxic work environment is inspirational, genuine, motivational, and positive leadership.

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3 comentarios

Gifford thank you for the advice. I have had a discussion with the owner and my direct supervisor. The owner takes pride in using his toxic behavior to “push people to their potential “. I am currently looking for another job. I’ve had a couple of interviews but no job offers yet.

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Gifford Thomas
Gifford Thomas
31 ene 2021

Thanks for sharing. Suppose the toxicity is coming from the owner. In that case, I will recommend having a direct conversation about your concerns and explaining at length how you are affected and the level of discomfort you are experiencing. If nothing changes, you can exercise your option of seeking employment elsewhere. You have to consider your health and your stress level working in any toxic environment. The world is overflowing with opportunities, don't settle for a life that only brings you despair. You have choices; the question you must ask is this Am I ready to step into the unknown?

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What if the toxic behavior is coming from the owner?

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