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Poor Leadership

Poor leadership is building a great team and doing everything in your power to hold onto control. For example, I have witnessed people sitting in leadership positions managing their department or organization with an iron fist, using fear and control to somehow help their company become more productive. Everything must be channeled through the manager, even a routine interaction between two colleagues. How pathetic is that?

No one can build and sustain a great company if no trust exists. So it makes no sense to recruit the best people and tie their hands by not giving them the freedom to perform. Great leaders know that the soul of their business is their team, and they must allow and trust their team to produce their very best work; that's why you recruited them in the first place.

If you want to be a leader, give your team the space to work, create an environment free from the impediments of toxicity and witness a significant growth of your company but, more importantly, in your team.

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