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Persistence is The True Measure of Faith

To be persistent in the face of immense challenges requires a real relationship with faith. Not a one-night stand but a deep commitment and enormous sacrifice. When I listen to Chris Gardner and his unshakable faith to follow his dream to become a stockbroker, I said to myself, “can I do that.”

The man slept in a subway station toilet with his toddler son. Enrolled on a low-paid trainee scheme at a stock brokerage company, didn't have enough money to raise the deposit to rent an apartment, bed down in parks, at church shelter, or under his desk at work after everyone else had gone home. Through painstaking sacrifice, Chris endure all of that struggle to pursue his dream of becoming a stockbroker. Despite this adversity, Mr. Gardner thrived in his job.

At the end of his training period, he was a natural at selling stocks and shares, his firm Dean Witter Reynolds (DWR) made him a full employee, and he eventually became a multimillionaire. What are you willing to give up for your dream. But that’s faith right there. Have you ever heard Chris Gardner's speech? If not, you should Google it or watch the movie, The Pursuit of Happyness. When you have that type of belief, and you are prepared to go against popular opinion, and you believe in something so much, you can feel it, without touching it, you have now entered the world of faith.

And even if what you are working on doesn’t work out, that’s alright. According to T.D. Jakes

If you are not sure about your life purpose, try something, even if the thing you are trying is not the thing, that's alright because that thing you are trying will lead you to the thing you are supposed to be doing.

I will not kid you; sometimes the journey is hard, sometimes you will doubt yourself. I can recall listening to a presentation from Les Brown on running towards your dream, and Les said he was sleeping in his office and bathing in his office because he fell on some difficult times. Further in his presentation, Les went on, “I was sitting on the floor in the office watching out the window asking myself can I do this.” It was hard, but he held on and made it at the end.

It can be the same for you as well; start trusting yourself. When you feel stuck and everything you are trying does not bear fruit, dig deep, bring forth your faith and never give up. It will all be revealed at the end.

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