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Never Settle For Any Toxic Organisation

Effective leadership is the most critical factor for organizational success in the 21st century; however, the pyramid structure of the 20th century, according to Erin Binney, exists in many companies today where communication is stagnated; silos are the order of the day, employees are disrespected in front of their entire team, and leaders have a vested interest in building a bureaucracy to protect their status quo and keep their jobs, even though this isn’t necessarily in the best interests of the company.

Leading by fear and intimidation is the norm, and the people working in this environment go into survival mode. They are no longer interested in the company’s outcome, the quality of the product or service, or the customer experience. Instead, they’re concerned with keeping their jobs and not stepping on toes.

Never settle for any toxic, fear-based organization.

It’s not good for your professional development, health, and energy; there are many options out there; take advantage of them because you deserve better, and you deserve to work in an environment that helps you become the best version of yourself.

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Facts - that’s why I chose a very different system and approach to help people with a success as a team mindset.

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