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Let Your Team Disagree With You

No one will ever have all of the right answers, and ultimately, you will make better decisions as a leader by having diverse people and views on your team.

Building a team with conflicting world views or even differing opinions of your industry will push you to think critically. Unfortunately, weak leaders take disagreement personally. They feel threatened, offended, and attacked when their team challenges their ideas and opinions. They react by waving off disagreement as unimportant, and at worse, they remove those who disagree with them. This ultimately leads to a team of individuals who feel undervalued and uninspired.

If you want to build a great company, let your team disagree with you and listen to their feedback. Because when you do, it gives your team the confidence to be the very best version of themselves while making a difference in the lives of the people they are entrusted to serve.

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