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Leadership is not about welding authority

David just escaped from a full-time job in a toxic work environment where the best employees quit, and the worst people got promoted to management jobs. The harder David worked, the worse he got treated. When a completely unqualified person got promoted to be his manager because that manager had a personal relationship with one of the VPs, that was the last straw; David resigns.

It’s quite amazing that many people in management and leadership positions will resonate with creating an environment of fear to get their people to work. I don’t understand it; all the research in the world has proven that fear base leadership or management does not work; it may result in the short term gain, but the quality of work will be average at best, and it is never sustainable in the long run.

Leadership is not about welding authority or creating an environment of fear; it’s all about empowering people and empowering your team to become the very best version of themselves.

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