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Leadership Is First And Foremost About Service

Leaders who understand that leading others is a privilege also understand that leading is first and foremost about service. Too many people feel that having a position of leadership and authority is their God-given right. They feel superior to those in their employ or at so-called lower levels in the organization. I have often seen a certain level of arrogance and entitlement exhibited by people in leadership positions.

Remember being the leader means that you have been placed in a position to serve others; it has nothing to do with you; leaders are accountable for the success and livelihoods of dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people. They should never forget this fact and never act in a cavalier fashion. Their decisions, actions, and how they carry themselves impact a large and diverse community.

According to Warren Bennis, always remember that leadership is a privilege. When you’re in a leadership role, your influence may impact the trajectory of peoples’ entire careers (and often life!).

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Good evening, Gifford. I am an author, and Diplomacy and Leadership Expert.

I'm selling a book too. However, I refuse to reduce myself to sickening rhetoric. As if you and everyone else holds the secret to leadership.

Do us a favor, define 'Leadership' for us. I'll be on a west coast radio, podcast soon. I will ensure I include the book selling authors similar to you that evince sensationalism, promises, and 'LISTS' for others to become leaders. Thousand of books have been written over decades. You are simply a capitalist ( no problem) fleecing America. YOU SHOULD KNOW HOW TRANSPARENT WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE.

Now, please do tell us how we can a a net worth greater Putin's. You…

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