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Leadership Is All About People

Many people are promoted or recruited into a leadership position without understanding the fundamental philosophy of leadership:

It’s all about people!

As a result, we have many companies severely over-managed and grossly under-led. Leaders live their purpose by serving others and inspiring their team to lift the organization to higher performance levels. Leaders, especially people who are new to formal leadership, must understand that a leaders' role is to create a culture that allows their people to become the very best version of themselves, resulting in added value to their organization.

Leaders are most potent when they lead by example, but some people have no people skills, cannot get along with people, cannot speak to people, and cannot build relationships to save their lives. However, for some strange reason, these are the people who are elevated into a leadership position with no mentoring, training, or coaching.

The talents that make a person successful in a previous, non-management role are rarely the same ones that will make them excel as leaders. According to retired four-star general Colin Powell leadership is all about people, not plans or strategies, but people; motivating and inspiring people to believe in something beyond their self-limitations to achieve a result that benefits and adds value to themselves, their company and the people they serve.

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Viv v
Viv v
Mar 12, 2021

Very much true . We see this every where . It is not about the position rather influence. I think person who can convince other person to achieve the goal is real leader


Ricky Hartry
Ricky Hartry
Mar 03, 2021

God is good 🙏 Stayblessed 🌏🙇‍♂️🙌

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