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Leaders Never Stop Learning

If your leadership has plateaued and you have no desire to learn anything new, it’s time to do a little soul-searching to figure out why. If you are doing the same tasks for too long, your brain may be hardwired. Just as weightlifting and physical exercise build your muscles, when you’re learning, the nerve cells in your brain are growing with mental training, and these neurons develop greater connectivity.

The growth and rewiring of our brain cells are called neuroplasticity. As we learn, our brain literally remodels itself based on our new experiences. When you change your beliefs and learn something new, you alter your brain’s neurochemistry and structure; as a leader, learning is much more than just receiving new information and gaining knowledge from other people.

A company’s growth is dependent on the leader’s growth. If you are not committed to consistently developing yourself and your team, your organization will eventually become stagnate and irrelevant.

This is why LEADERS never stop learning.

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