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“I absolutely gain a lot of insight on how to be a better person and leader from reading this book. It was a great read.

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Leaders Are Not The Smartness Person In The Room

A newly minted CEO held a meeting with his executive team to talk about the growth of the company. One of the CEO’s direct reports made a recommendation on how the company can grow their market share. The CEO, listening very attentively was clueless about his manager’s suggestion, he wondered “should I ask a question, but if I do ask, that will reveal my lack of knowledge, and I may appear incompetent.”

Most CEOs today believe that “not knowing,” will somehow send a signal to their staff that the leader is somehow inept. Leaders cannot be all things to all people; they don’t need to know everything; they can’t; that’s fundamentally why leaders build great teams with the expertise to help the organization fulfill its purpose and to achieve its vision.

Remember, leadership is not about you; it’s all people; inspiring, motivating, developing, and genuinely caring for people to become the very best version of themselves.

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