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It's Not The People, It's The Environment

When an organization is underperforming, it's easy to replace employees or transfer individuals, hoping that the situation will improve. But unfortunately, in many instances, that same situation remains the same. I can remember a CEO talking to someone and indicating, "my staff is not performing, and we are not achieving our objectives. Therefore, we must make some changes if the company has any chance of generating any profits."

The CEO further indicated, "Oh no, the problem is not me; the problem is the staff." So, when all was said and done, new personnel was brought in, but you know what, surprise, surprise, the status quo prevailed, and the company went right back to square one. Why! The environment remained the same.

According to Simon Sinek, leaders are responsible for creating an environment in which people feel they can be their best because if you change your team without addressing the issues with the work environment and you allow the status quo to run rampage over your culture, your company will always be average at best.

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1 Comment

Jorge Barrera jr
Jorge Barrera jr
Jan 26, 2022

Yes indeed 👌

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