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If Your Leadership Can't Be Question, You Are a questionable Leader.

When assembling your team, you don’t want people who think the same as you and who will agree with you every step of the way, according to Brenton Hayden, in his article 6 Reasons Why 'My Way or the Highway' Management Doesn't Work Anymore. It may sound counter-intuitive, but you want thought leaders who will challenge you, question you and force you to explain yourself. “It’s nice when people agree, but if everyone thought along the same lines all the time, nothing would ever change,” says Richard Branson.

“The worst culture you can ingrain within a business is an atmosphere of saying yes to everything,” Branson continues. Yes, men/women will get in your way, and they’ll agree with you and make you feel better about yourself, but in the long run, yes men -- or women -- will become your worst nightmare. They’re not sincere, and they can’t be trusted, especially not in positions of authority. They’ll agree with what you say, but they won’t call you out on areas where you may be mistaken -- areas that, if left unchecked, could land you into trouble.

If you are one of those people whose leadership can’t be question or challenge and you prefer to be surrounded by people who say yes all the time, you have a very questionable leadership character that has the potential to be devastating to your company very existences.