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Great Leaders Are Great Listeners

When you speak in such a way, others love to listen to you and listen in such a way that others love talking to you. It shows you value your team by actively listening to their concerns, feedback or suggestions. I sometimes wonder why companies ask their employees for their feedback when time and time again, they never listen to what their employees are saying.

I can remember during many meetings I attended, the routine was always the same coming to the end of the meetings, “anyone have any suggestions, feedback or questions for the management team” the CEO always asked. So many people always voice their concerns or offer some form of suggestion. Still, nothing came from any of it; I can distinctly remember watching the managers at the front table when people were talking, and no one seemed remotely interested in anything anyone was saying.

It was so glaring and so disrespectful. But you know what was ironic? I’ve heard some of these same managers complain that “my employees won’t speak up” and label them as bad or uncaring employees, but these same “leaders” should look in the mirror and ask themselves how their people ended up that way. When someone is sharing their ideas and feedback, and they are not taken seriously, at some point, that person will become very quiet, and the worst thing for any organization is when their most passionate employees become quiet.

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