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Great Culture, Great Company

What makes some companies great? What's that magic formula these companies used to get their employees excited about their work?

All great companies have similar traits, and their most significant strength is their culture. The ability for their leadership to develop, maintain, and retain their unique culture over the life of the company. It is refreshing to listen and read about companies trying to make their workplace the best, and the icing on the cake increased profit as a result of a great culture. If you are a skeptic, do your research.

But, the fantastic thing is that money is not the prime motivator for many of these employees. They are not obsessed with only generating profit. Instead, many of these employees love the family-like spirit and a shared purpose that keeps them motivated and inspired to perform at their best. As a leader, your people should be excited about their work and eager to make a difference, not just working for a salary but working to add value to the people they are entrusted to serve.

That's the essence of great leadership, and as John Mackey puts it, if you are lucky enough to be someone's employer, you have a moral responsibility to ensure your people are eager to come to work every day.

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