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Fear, Intimidation, or Manipulation Have No Place In Leadership

Many leaders on the surface appear to be interested in their team success and sincerely dedicated to seeing those beneath them, not only achieve organizational objectives but also reach their fullest potential in all their endeavors. They appear, in many ways, to captivate and embody the characteristics of a true and inspirational leader, but their true qualities over time slowly emerge.

Fear, intimidation, or manipulation has no place in leadership, absolutely none; if anyone uses these tactics as a strategy to get their people to work, that person has no place leading anyone. You have to be very careful about the people who call themselves leaders, especially the ones with Pseudo - Leadership tendencies. Many of these people are only concerned about their well being, nothing else.

How Do You Know A Genuine Leader From A Pseudo Inspirational Leadership? In my book, The Inspirational Leader, Inspire Your Team To Believe In The Impossible, you will learn how to identify a genuine leaders from a Pseudo Inspirational Leader by looking for these 5 signs, and you will understand why Inspirational leadership can be a sharp double-edged sword, with a potential immoral and unethical dimension, that could be exploited by an unscrupulous leader on their followers. For your copy click HERE

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