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Embrace New Challenges

You can only grow as a leader if you embrace new challenges, face your fears, overcome something difficult, or do something you're never done before. Great leaders are comfortable with things going wrong sometimes because everything will not always go according to plan.

Unfortunately, people who call themselves leaders adopt a very negative mindset when they find themselves in these situations and, in the process, blame everyone and everything for the world of problems in their lives or in their organization.

It's tough, I know, but that's what being a leader is all about, and that's why leadership is not for the faint at heart. Your leadership is tested in a crisis, and you can immediately deduce what kind of leader you are when you are faced with challenging situations that stretch you to think beyond your comfort zone.

To become one of the greats of leadership, you must get comfortable with being very uncomfortable at times to continue your growth toward great leadership because, in many instances, the best things in life are often found outside your comfort zone.

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Beverly Henderson
Beverly Henderson
28. okt. 2022

Oh My God!! This includes so much truth!! There is so much Power in these words of LIFE!! I am so thankful of the timing of this post and where I am in my professional career. I embrace this help in nurturing those of us experiencing unchartered waters and operating out of comfort zones. Thank you for this edification and encouragement as we Keep Hope Alive!!

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