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Don't Take Your Team For Granted

When an employee’s performance is consistently good, it becomes expected and may unknowingly be taken for granted.

I have seen people in leadership positions manipulate high-performing employees to produce more, take on the burden of others while nothing is done to address the significant shortfall in the performance of other team members. At some point, this person will get burned out and lose all inspiration to continuing performing at such a high level.

According to Tim McClure, when passionate employees become quiet, it usually signals that the work environment has become very dysfunctional. As the leader, this is something you must observe and act on immediately. Please don’t push your most loyal people to the point that they no longer care. When you have people passionate, inspired, and motivated to help the company achieve its vision while fulfilling its purpose, you must do everything in your power to ensure that this team keeps this vibe. Otherwise, you run the risk of pushing away great talent while settling for mediocrity.

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I concur!

Today, some of the upper management watch but rarely keep in mind what the floor work is all about! Oh, they say they care!!

When floor workers respond in " mandatory meetings, not much is done ! Take for example, a new resident is having a hard time readjusting to his new environment and gets agitated when needing toileting! Someone on that shift needs to address the issue but doesn't! The night shift comes on and has to find ways to calm this new soul down 🙄! Pray that you in the office do not encounter this issue! You're at home and can't be bothered .Sometimes , phones get turned down and that's not an reason to take…


This observation pushed a personal button in me. It touched an essence that I hadn't brought, or couldn't find the words to bring a pain to the surface. Finally here it is, expressing the frustration of my consciousness about the cavalier cast-aside environment swirling around inside our operation. I thus let go of the best job I ever had, retiring with a subdued, suppressed rage inside, gaining relief and disappointment at the same time.


Ze Li
Ze Li
May 21, 2021

That is true. A professional position for a self-promoting person is a career not just a job for his/her living. Leadership means recognizing your Aces' value and contributions.

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