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Develop a Mindset For Success And Run After Your Dreams

I read a story about a young lady who committed suicide because of a prolonged period of chronic depression. It’s a regrettable turn of events since, from all reports, this young lady appeared healthy to everyone, physically and emotionally. People adored her, and from the outside, many people believed that this young lady was living the perfect life. But no one knew the real story because deep-down she was fighting her demons, so it was shocking to everyone that this beautiful young lady took her life.

Life is never easy, and it can beat down on you like a ton of bricks; however, you must have that self-belief, you must believe that everything will work out despite the setbacks. Once you develop a mindset of success and do not allow fear to hold you back, you will start to experience a revolutionary change in your life.

Change Your Mind

To achieve anything in life requires hard work. Don’t let anybody fool you to believe that it is going to be easy. If you want to be great, you must develop a mindset of success and overcome many obstacles on the journey. You can ask any successful entrepreneur, sportsperson, writer, anybody who has experienced some success, you have to work extremely hard to get it. There are no short cuts. But it all starts with changing your mindset and embracing failure as part of the journey.

Prepare To Fail At Some Point In Your Life.

You cannot run away from it. No one likes to fail, but sometimes failures do occur, and in many instances, it comes to help us find the courage or to prepare us for something great. Failure helped with the development of my mental toughness, and if I did not have those moments of crisis in my life, I am 100% certain, with all the responsibilities I have now and the demands placed on life, it will be very challenging to navigate any troubled period of my life.

Forget About The Past

It makes no sense talking about the past. Stop talking about your past failures; you have to put that behind you. If you don’t, it will drag you down, but it all starts with your mindset and embracing the challenges of life. Success is not an overnight thing; at times, you may feel lost; you may not want to get out of your bed. It will not be easy, but guess what, you are strong enough to overcome all the adversity in your life. You must decide to live life on a new level and let go of any past mistakes, indiscretions of failure.

Never settle for a life far below your God-given potential; according to Les Brown, you can either live your dreams, or you can live your fears and believe me running after your dreams is so much more fulfilling than living life so cautiously that you never try anything new. Don’t allow fear to paralyze you, run after your dreams, and live the life you were destined to live.


About Gifford Thomas

I am the founder of Leadership First and one of the leading voices on inspirational leadership. At Leadership First, 123,000+ leaders from around the world trust us for their daily inspiration. We are committed to motivating, inspiring, mentoring, and coaching our community of leaders every day to believe in the impossible.

I am a member of Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, a Council member with GLG, an advisor with visaQ Inc out of Japan and one of the leading writers on Quora for Leadership Development. Leadership is all about people; it's about inspiring people to believe in themselves, to believe that anything is possible and to believe in something much greater than their own self-preservation; when we have that type of influence as leaders great things happen.

You can download a copy of my book The Inspirational Leader and Inspire Your Team To Believe In The Impossible by clicking on the word inspirational below:

Have a beautiful day everyone.

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