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Create An Environment Where People Can Be At Their Best

When people feel safe enough to raise their hands and say, “I made a mistake” or “I need some help.” The leader has created an environment where their people feel safe to be themselves. When employees are scared to make mistakes, they become preoccupied with protecting themselves from the forces within the company as opposed to helping the leadership protect the company from forces externally. How do you know when someone doesn't feel safe in their organization or is not safe, check this out; if you have to send an email after every conversation or meeting, you know a CYA, people don't feel safe in that company; If there's a lack of inherent trust and your company is more concerned about getting a doctor's note to justify your absence from work rather than asking about your health and what they can do for you, this clearly shows that you're only a commodity; you are not valuable, and you are not safe.

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