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Communication Is Mostly About Listening

When you speak in such a way, others love to listen to you and listen in such a way that others love talking to you. It shows you value your team by actively listening to their concerns, feedback or suggestions. I sometimes wonder why companies ask their employees for their feedback when time and time again, they never listen to what their employees are saying.

Many leaders believe communication is only about talking. So they talk and talk and talk. They tell people what to think, how, and when to think. However, communication is also about listening. Communication is mostly about listening. Leaders who do listen give themselves a chance to learn. They allow themselves to receive information from multiple sources and break it down into actionable tasks.

Remember, you are the leader; you have to set the example because you set the tone for everyone to follow. So when you are talking with someone, for example, make that person the most important person in the world because it shows a level of respect and appreciation for what the person is actually saying and, in the process, permits others to do the same.

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