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Can a Leader Care Too Much?

Can a Leader Care Too Much?

The quick answer is NO, according to Steve Keating, a leader can’t care too much, but inexperience or new leaders sometimes have the mistaken belief that they can’t both care about and confront or coach a team member at the same time. Vince Lombardi was viewed as a tough football coach, for example, but one who loved his players dearly, and was passionate about growing members of his team in a highly intimate and personal way.

Lombardi earned the right to drive his talent to the limit because his intense drive, was balanced by his equally fierce caring. If you care so much for people that you can’t hold them accountable, help them reach their full potential or challenge them to become the very best version of themselves then you might be a great person, but you’re probably not a great leader because authentic leaders know that the very best way to show you care is to help your people succeed.

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