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Being A Leader Is Not About You

View your team as your biggest success.

The ultimate measure of a leader is their ability to help every member of their team become successful. It's not about your team helping you become successful; it's about a selfless devotion to the people who work their butts off to help the organization achieve their purpose and goals.

Your focus should be on developing your team, helping them succeed, and watching them grow into the people they want to become. When your people are successful, it is a reflection of you as a leader.

According to Amy Modglin, when we learn to turn our focus from ourselves to others, the whole world opens up to us. When you understand this and take the focus away from you, it will change who you are as a leader.

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1 Comment

Darren A. Smith
Darren A. Smith
Apr 01, 2021

I agree. Self orientation is the thing that lets people down.

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