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Be A Leader

Many people use the word boss interchangeably with leadership, but the two are entirely different, for example, as illustrated by Lolly Daskal:

-A boss has no interest in people development; a leader is interested in helping their team grow and develop.

-A boss takes the credit; a leader gives credit to others.

-The boss says, "Go!"; the leader says, "Let's go!"

-A boss instills fear; a leader inspires enthusiasm.

-A boss thinks in terms of him or herself; a leader thinks in terms of we.

-A boss depends on their own authority; a leader depends on mutual accountability and trust.

When you choose to be a leader, you are someone who now values people. You don't have to look very hard to see that we already have many bosses in the world who care precious little about anyone but themselves. But times are changing, and many organizations will have no choice but to step up into leadership because great organizations know that remarkable things can be accomplished when outstanding leadership exists throughout the entire organization.

Be a leader, not a boss.

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