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Are You A Positional Leader?

Do you know anyone in your organization that flaunts their title as their only means to get things done? 

People who rely on their title, position, or power to influence others do not lead well, and they neglect many of the human aspects when it comes to their people in their organization. While this approach can influence others, it does not foster effective long-term working relationships. Instead, it often disenfranchises people and prevents them from expressing their ideas and opinions.

Your Title Doesn’t Make You A Leader

People who operate from a traditional concept of position & title believe that a large amount of power is granted to them based on their title alone. Leaders who operate from a positional standpoint alone are often unable to look beyond the roles and responsibilities of the title to see how their performance, attitude, and general behavior affects others. Their lower emotional intelligence may perceive others as lesser, using manipulation to acquire influence while further reducing the integrity and the trust others place in them.